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GLOBAL GREEN WORX was founded as a Technology Hub Company focusing on unaddressed Green Space Environment issues with innovative agriculture and aerospace solutions.

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Why Save Water

Our Planet faces a serious water challenge. Less than 1% of the total water available on earth is fresh water, and this percentage is declining due to factors such as the draining of aquifers, increased water pollution and climate change. Here at GLOBAL GREEN WORX WE’RE PASSINATE ABOUT SAVING WATER and we do all we can to encourage our customers to embrace water saving too!


Who Uses Our Product

The end users of water consist of a wide array of entities, including golf courses, municipalities, hotels, public parks, office building, residential homes and private and public-private institutions. Global Green Worx views these challenges through the eyes of water conservation and project control.

Sensors Moisture/Analytics
RESIDENTIAL & CommercialApplications
RESIDENTIAL & Commercial Applications
HydrokaneWatering Stakes
Hydrokane Watering Stakes
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Program MGMT Engineering Services


GLOBAL GREEN WORX Unveils New SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™  for Row Crops and the Irrigation Industry

SOIL SENSE  SYSTEM™  Ideal for monitoring vegetable row crops for optimal crop growth while minimizing water use.
GLOBAL GREEN WORX introduces the SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™, its new smart moisture sensor and imagery analytics system. The SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ dynamically manages

later  use with seamless data integration and analysis for a deeper understanding of your row crop fields while achieving fast plant growth and nitrogen management with minimal water use. The GLOBAL GREEN WORX SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ offers growers significant input management solutions to maximize return on every row crop acre by reduced water use, and reduced electricity and maintenance costs over moisture senor systems through the use of proprietary imagery analytics with daily weather algorithms contained within the GLOBAL GREEN WORX smartphone appThe SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ flow meters monitor actual water usage and inputs data for side-by-side visualization of step-up acreage scouting for maximizing crop yield. Thus, the SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ provides easy assessment of water and fertilizer needs. In addition, the grower, using remote smartphone viewing via the app, can import shape file maps so that any planting, harvest, or imported map can be viewed side-by-side to aid in making more informed crop decisions in the field.

“Commercializing innovation and growth technology solutions are part of GLOBAL GREEN WORX’s strategy to promote water conservation and sustainability by developing app-driven watering system devices that provide sustainable, tractable reduction in water usage and cost that leads to conserving water by using water efficiently,” said  Richard Simpson,  Sr. Vice President,      626-257-1149, GLOBAL GREEN WORX.


Global Green Worx introduces its WICKOPONICS (Patent Pending) and WaterSavTroller (Patent Pending) new smart water saver systems.

WICKOPONICS features a WaterSavTroller (controller) that dynamically manages water to achieve fast plant growth cycles with water saving efficiency for indoor / outdoor landscape applications. This allows property managers to have the ability to conserve the flow of water  with one or more controllers throughout the building. 

Smart Regulating Watering Technology

Global Green Worx WICKOPONICS cloud base smart water saving system significantly reduces water use, electrical and maintenance cost over conventional soil, Hydroponics and Aquaponics applications. Through the use of a CLOUD – BASED expandable  growing system  (patent pending) utilizing  PLANT SENSOR STAKES & HYDROKANE™ WATERING STAKES with real-time SMART-PHONE monitoring and controlling of moisture, electrical conductivity, total dissolved solids (ppm) and pH], bottom up versus top down watering, its proprietary algorithm contained within the electric WaterSaveTroller monitors actual water usage.


WaterSavTroller™ Controller and Software and Smart Water Pods that manage levels of water, pH, nutrients and lighting to achieve  fast and healthy plant growth cycles with water saving  efficiency for optimal indoor or outdoor landscape plant growth.

Plant Rooting System

Plant growth and survival are dependent on the plants abilities to absorb sufficient water through its rooting system. Sustaining plant root growth is the balance between plant water evaporation levels from surface soil and root-water uptake as a function of soil moisture, capillary transpiration of moisture carried through the rooting systems to the small pores on the underside of the leaves where it changes to vapor and then evaporates into air.

Easy to Use HYDROKANE stakes

Designed and developed to dynamically offer faster plant growth  and reduce  watering and nutrient needs while eliminating all plant water run-off, thus providing water savings up to 50% .  WICKOPONIC™ Key to the Root –Zone strategy is  allowing more time for the plants to use  water efficiently to optimize and increase plant growth or crop yield. 


Watering stakes that promote excellent plant root development & growth. Tailored for plant’s ability to have a minimal but sufficient amount of water and nutrients while minimizing water run-off and evaporation.

Water Saving Devices

WICKOPONICS systems are a fully integrated, gravity or smart self-regulating watering systems that promote water conservation and sustainability.

Grow colorful flowers and  flavorful fruits or vegetables in outdoor and indoor atriums, balconies, and landscape designs.

Why Use Smart Technology for Your Applications and Needs?

Our planet faces a serious water challenge. Less than 1% of the total water available on earth is fresh (Blue) water, and this percentage is declining due to factors such as droughts, increased water pollution  and climate change.

GLOBAL GREEN  WORX ™ views these challenges through the eyes of water conservation by providing a more efficient and  productive  use of  Blue and  recycled (Purple) water not currently found in existing landscape irrigation designs.

About Us

GLOBAL GREEN WORX is dedicated to conserving water “ONE DROP” at a time. Our extensive background in engineering and water sustainability has given us passion to develop, design and manufacture smart water saving irrigation products that will be conserving one of earths most precious natural resources: Water.

Thank you for your interest in GLOBAL GREEN WORX. Please contact us today for more information on our smart WICKOPONIC™ water saving irrigation systems.

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