Soil Sense System™

Ideal for monitoring vegetable row crops for optimal crop growth while minimizing water use

GLOBAL GREEN WORX introduces the SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™, its new smart moisture sensor and imagery analytics system. The SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ dynamically manages later use with seamless data integration and analysis for a deeper understanding of your row crop fields while achieving fast plant growth and nitrogen management with minimal water use. The GLOBAL GREEN WORX SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ offers growers significant input management solutions to maximize return on every row crop acre by reduced water use, and reduced electricity and maintenance costs over moisture senor systems through the use of proprietary imagery analytics with daily weather algorithms contained within the GLOBAL GREEN WORX smartphone app. The SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ flow meters monitor actual water usage and inputs data for side-by-side visualization of step-up acreage scouting for maximizing crop yield. Thus, the SOIL SENSE SYSTEM™ provides easy assessment of water and fertilizer needs. In addition, the grower, using remote smartphone viewing via the app, can import shape file maps so that any planting, harvest, or imported map can be viewed side-by-side to aid in making more informed crop decisions in the field.


“Commercializing innovation and growth technology solutions are part of GLOBAL GREEN WORX’s strategy to promote water conservation and sustainability by developing app-driven watering system devices that provide sustainable, tractable reduction in water usage and cost that leads to conserving water by using water efficiently,”


— Richard Simpson, Sr. Vice President.