GLOBAL GREEN WORX Unveils New Comprehensive Vegetation Surveying and Surveillance System (VS3™)

Ideal for Vegetation and Tree Branch Monitoring and Mitigation

GLOBAL GREEN WORX introduces its new patent pending #63115397 VS3™: Hardware and Machine Learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) Algorithms, including its GGW proprietary SPACEBOTS, SKYBOTS™, BIGBOTS™, MICROBOTS™ and BEEBOTS™ (photogrammetry imagery software systems), micro weather stations, and wireless smart moisture sensors. VS3™ is a reality AI that looks through the lens of companies' capabilities rather than technologies. GGW AI reality solutions are driven by thinking beyond the ordinary, using seamless data integration algorithms: macro and micro area weather, imagery and mathematical analysis that provide for a deeper understanding of wildfire risk exposures caused by drought conditions and vegetation regrowth. For example, utility companies use survey and inspection methodology of high wildfire risk areas for unwanted growth of vegetation and tree branch encroachment. GLOBAL GREEN WORX VS3™ offers capabilities to these UTILITIES complementary to their own by providing reality overview area summaries via 24/7 real-time monitoring and inspections for evaluations of high fire risks caused by dry weather conditions, high wind prone areas and unwanted vegetation growth with VS3™ alerts and alarms OUTPUTTING from a VS3™ smartphone app (ref: screenshot) for further evaluation of fire risk and early wildfire detection. 


“Commercializing AI innovation and growth technology solutions are part of GLOBAL GREEN WORX’s technology critical infrastructure strategy to promote sustainability by developing app-driven algorithm, machine learning devices that provide acceptable monitoring and inspections for recognition of high fire risk anomalies that deviate from tractable non-wildfire acceptable norms,” said Richard Simpson, Sr. Vice President, GLOBAL GREEN WORX, Inc.